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The best time to travel to India depends on your preferences and the specific region of India you plan to visit because India experiences diverse climates due to its vast size and geographical variations. Here's a general overview of the best times to visit different parts of India.

A customized itinerary is an itinerary prepared according to our customer preferences After all, you would have requested this to us as part of the process of customization. Your specific interest, preferences and needs are weighted with our knowledge of logistics and highlights of the area.

Definitely we have airport pick up and drop up facilities for our clients who have booked our full packages tour. We are also pleased to inform you that we don’t charge for the pick up and drop facilities. Actually it’s free of cost. But for this you need to provide the arrival time and date.

Our company India Sightseeing offer ranges of accommodation starting from 3star to 4stars Hotels as per the preference of our clients.

India is one of the best destinations for family traveler as it offers various landscape, attractions and historical monuments. Some of the good options are beach holidays and wildlife adventures in the national parks, while many monuments have sight and light shows that will capture children’s imagination. For teenagers, the many outdoor activities, such as camel safari and trekking, are an illustrative card. Without the second thinking, the big challenge for families travelling in this country might be the distances that need to be covered between cities. Air travel and railway journeys are usually the most comfortable forms of traveling, and are strongly recommended to those with the young children.

The Indian currency is the rupee. Major currencies such as dollar, Euros and Pounds are easily exchangeable at the Airports, Hotels and we do have our dedicated money exchange center offering best rates than Hotels and Airport. So you don’t need to worry about that.

Yes, most travelers need a visa to enter India. You can apply for various types of Indian visas depending on the purpose of your visit. Make sure to check the latest visa requirements and apply well in advance of your trip.

India has numerous must-visit destinations, including Delhi, the Taj Mahal in Agra, Jaipur's historic forts and palaces, Kerala's backwaters, Varanasi's spiritual sites, the beaches of Goa, and the Himalayan region for trekking and adventure.

Indian cuisine is diverse and delicious. You can enjoy a variety of dishes, but be cautious with street food, especially if you have a sensitive stomach. Eat at reputable stalls and ensure food is freshly prepared and served hot.

• Pack lightweight and breathable clothing, especially if you're traveling during hot months. Modest clothing is recommended, particularly when visiting religious sites. Don't forget essentials like sunscreen, insect repellent, a power adapter, and any necessary medications.

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